Causes and Dangers of Snoring Sleeping / Snoring and How to Overcome It

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Snoring or better known as snoring is the sound that comes out when there are problems such as interference in the airway through the mouth and nose.
At the time of deep sleep, the muscles in the airways to constrict. When snoring becomes position of the tongue to the back and head in the air flow channel, so that it will vibrate in opposite to the weakening of the muscles and throat during exhalation. Makin lelapnya sleeping person then, the muscles become more relaxed because they do not work harder to breathe the air passes through the air pull towards the inside of the breath.

Snoring is a bad habit because it can disturb other people, especially for people already have a partner. Usually snoring more experienced men, in the percentage of studies that have been conducted by experts 45% of men and 25% of women snore during sleep and then the rest can sleep normally. People who snore will give voice hoarse, grunting, while breathing when sleeping.

The following will explain the factors that cause snoring:

1. Sleep on your back
2. Impaired nose
3. Impaired throat
4. Age increased
5. The weight gain
6. Using sedatives, smoking and fatigue

Habitual snoring should not be disepelehkan, because in the medical world are named Sleep Apnoea snoring caused by narrowing of the airways. Airways narrow will result in a lack of oxygen supply will go into the body so that all organs including the brain and heart will work harder. It will lead to health problems, under certain conditions habitual snoring will cause death due to fluctuating oxygen levels can damage cells in the blood vessels.

The following will be explained about the negative impact of habitual snoring:

1. High blood pressure
Many studies were done to prove that habitual snoring can affect the occurrence of high blood pressure or hypertension. The condition is caused due to an increase in blood pressure that are directly related to the severity of snoring habits. The higher the level of severity, the weight also increase blood pressure.

2. Obesity
Habitual snoring may increase a person's weight. It happens due to metabolic disorders due to sleep cuts that would affect the change in hormones that control appetite. It also will provide tremendous drowsiness which cause be lazy to move and exercise. The conditions that can lead to obesity.

3. Depression
Increased habitual snoring can affect the risk of depression. It is caused due to an increased risk of depression which continues to rise due to an increase in the severity of stopping breathing.

4. Diabetes
Habitual snoring prolonged makes the body unable to tolerate glucose and resistant to the hormone insulin. This is because the body can not use insulin effectively and well. These conditions will result in diabetes.

5. Heart disease
Habitual snoring were not addressed will increase the heart rate becomes irregular. A study in 2006 revealed in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, said that habitual snoring were not quickly addressed may make the heart becomes thicker and swollen on the one side of the wall. In addition, it will also reduce the heart's pumping ability. These circumstances can lead to heart disease such as coronary heart disease.

6. Stroke
An increase in blood viscosity in people who have prolonged habitual snoring is a major cause of stroke.

7. Damage to the brain
People who have a habit of snoring prolonged would cause damage to the organ. Brain disorder can not control blood pressure, memory and emotion.

To avoid and prevent habitual snoring can be addressed in the following way:

1. Lying on your side
Try to get used to sleeping with a sideways position to avoid and eliminate habitual snoring.

2. Reduce weight
Being overweight, especially in the neck will affect the pressure inside the digestive system. These conditions will make the neck of people who have excess weight can raise the risk of habitual snoring. To avoid and eliminate excessive weight subtract be the ideal size.

3. Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills
Consuming alcohol and sleeping pills can depress the central nervous and can relax the muscles of the jaw and neck, these conditions will lead to snoring. Both of these substances can also cause other sleep disorders, and harmful for the heart.

4. Immediately treat allergies
People who have chronic respiratory allergies impose such patients to breathe through the mouth while sleeping. Morning people who suffer from respiratory allergies by eating antihistamni Treat immediately before bedtime.

5. Using a mouth freshener
Using mouthwash is one way to eliminate snoring habits. Using mouthwash is useful for cleaning the mouth and keep the lower part of the jaw muscles become looser.

6. Inhale steam before bed
Nasal congestion is one of the causes of snoring during sleep. Nasal congestion can be overcome by a deep inhalation of water vapor to eliminate mucus causes nasal congestion.

7. Stop smoking
Smoking habits can affect breathing so that it will make active smokers have habitual snoring during sleep.

8. Regular sleep
Enough sleep, deep and regular sleep habits can stop snoring.

9. Raising the head
Familiarize sleep with your head elevated may detach and reduce some of the pressure on the respiratory system. This will help the respiratory system becomes easy and can eliminate snoring habits.

10. Consult a physician if snoring during pregnancy
Some pregnant women have a habit of snoring due to weight changes and hormonal changes. Habitual snoring can reduce the intake of oxygen needed by the fetus. Instead, consult this if you have a habit of snoring while pregnant.

So a handful of information that can be conveyed. Hopefully this information is useful for the healthy reference for us all.

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