How to Heal Naturally Beside a blocked nose

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Medical Dictionary - How to Heal Naturally Beside a blocked nose - Nasal congestion is one of the symptoms caused by respiratory disorders. Usually, the blockage occurs on one side of the nose or both the nose so as to create a sense of being uncomfortable for the sufferer. There are many factors that cause this condition include colds, sinus infections, dust, irritation of the nose, allergies, polyps, smoke, foreign objects to disease nasal tumors. Here are some natural ways to overcome them.

How to heal naturally blocked nose next

1. Steam Heated

Hot water vapor that is inhaled by nasal congestion useful to relieve the inflammation and can breathe deeper well. Although this method can reduce nasal blockage, but it is still necessary to remove mucus in the nose. How to do it was too easy, which only prepare hot water in a basin, then position the face just above the basin, then head cover with a towel so that the steam does not disappear anywhere.

2. Warm Compress

Provide a small towel and warm water according to need, dip a towel in hot water and then wring it out. Attach the towel on the nose extending to the right cheek and left in a state of lying with one pillow. Repeat this manner after towel to cool.

3. Breathe Inhaler

Both of these materials have the content of camphor and menthol that has the ability to launch a stuffy nose. How to use it is also very easy, by directly inhaling and can also by applying a thin under the nostrils.

4. Eat Spicy Food

Spicy taste in food can stimulate mucus to get out and be able to make the mucus becomes more liquid when it is issued. This of course can be used as one way to overcome congestion.

5. Sleep Using 2 Pillows

The condition often disturbing at rest the night so as to make it difficult for sufferers to sleep. Therefore, before going to bed provide 2 pillows to get half down sleeping position so that breathing becomes smooth.

6. Steaming

Steaming process which is known to be very good for the hair, it can also facilitate the flow of breathing.

7. Do not Throw Mucus-strong Strong

Blew his nose vigorously will make the lining of the nose becomes inflamed. As a result, the blockage will become increasingly severe.
Here, a bit of information about how to heal naturally blocked nose side. In order to get the most done in this way on a regular basis. May be useful.

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